Best presents for the Sydney pet owner

It has always been said that dogs are man’s best friend. Indeed, in a study in 2017 showed that there are at least a million dogs in Sydney alone. This is quite a statistic, given that there are about 5 million people in the state itself! So having a pet in Sydney is actually pretty common, hence if you are looking at buying gifts for your friends, why not consider buying their pet a gift instead? If you are running out of ideas of what to purchase for them, here are our top 10 perfect gift ideas for pet lovers in Sydney.

  1. Pet tracker

Each year, scores of pets go missing and that has caused heartbreak in many owners. This is not that surprising really as the country is vast, and pets can indeed be intelligent enough to escape from the tallest of fence. To avoid adding to this statistic, get a pet tracker for pet lovers as it will allow the owners to locate their pets, hence avoiding the possibility of having a heartbreak. One good pet tracker can be found here.

  1. Smart Pet Feeder

If your friend constantly away from home? If that is the case, get a Smart Pet Feeder from Kogan for them as it allows the owner to feed the dog even if they are still at work.

  1. GoPro

The GoPro is one of the best things ever to happen to pet lovers. It allows owners to view the world from a pet’s perspective, and the recordings will be even more memorable as owners reminiscence on the videos when their pets are long gone. You can get a decent GoPro from Kogan too.

  1. Walking Bag

Get for pet lovers a walking bag as it allows the owners to bring along essentials, all tugged nicely into a handy bag, when they bring their pets out to play. You can get walking bags from here.

  1. Leash for trails

There are many picturesque places that you can bring your pet to. In order to keep them save, the usage of a leash will be important. Why not get for the pet lover a nice hardy leash that is suitable for trails? Be sure to find one that is light yet strong enough to control the pet! Many good quality leashes can be found at petcircle.

  1. Pet door

A pet door as a gift will be useful as it allows the pet to leave the house to poop or pee before entering the house via the pet door. We love pet doors from as they are functional and sometimes come with additional features that is actually useful.

  1. Heated pet bed

Instead of letting the pet sleep on the cold hard floor, get for them a heated pet bed so that it can keep the pet warm and cozy during the colder months of the year. Get the heated pet bed from Pods 4 Pets, which is a local brand.

  1. DNA test

This is a unique gift for pet lovers as it allows the owners to dig deeper into their pet’s lineage. You may get a test kit from here.

  1. Pet bathing aid

It can be a struggle to bath the pet at times. To help these pet lovers in the struggle, get for them pet bathing aids that allows control over the entire bathing process! You can find suitable pet bathing aid from Petbarn.

  1. Pet Posters

A pet poster is the perfect gift idea for pet lovers as it allows the owners to preserve memories about their favourite pets. If you are into these, check out the posters from Your Pet Posters as they are well known for their ability to conjure up masterpieces of pets.