How to adopt a dog in Singapore

There have been reports about dogs that are abandoned each year in Singapore. Indeed, most of these dogs either end up in the shelter or they are forced to loiter around in the open, subjecting themselves to the elements as well as to the highly unpredictable traffic conditions in Singapore. Such atrocity should be avoided, and everyone can play a big role in this.

You see, many owners will opt to purchase a new puppy, whether it is from a private breeder or from a legalised kennel, but more often than not, the owners are not well prepared enough to keep up to the effort needed when it comes to taking care of the dog. As such, owners tend to discard these dogs away when the going is too tough for them. Eventually, the shelters will be full of dogs that are abandoned. Most of these dogs are healthy and is still very much capable of bringing love and warmth to the house, so yes, we do encourage our readers to adopt a dog in Singapore as opposed to buying puppies.

How to adopt a dog in Singapore

Contrary to many populist beliefs, it is not that difficult to adopt a dog in Singapore. There are various channels that have been set up to help people adopt dogs. To adopt a dog, you will need to go through certain procedures that are different in accordance to each adoption agency. But generally, here are some of the steps that will guide you through the adoption process.

  1. Enquire about the procedure: each adoption agency has their own SOP and procedure in order to screen the would-be adopters. It will be good to give the agency a call before you decide on visiting them.
  2. Find out which dog breeds are available for adoption: This is one important aspect that most people negate. Do you know that not all dog breeds are suitable for housing? For example, Corgis are not allowed in HDB flats! I bet you didn’t know that.
  3. Interview: most agencies will request for a house visit or an interview session to judge if you are suitable to house a shelter dog in your house. This is an important qualifying process as shelter dogs are in need of love, and if the new place cannot afford them the love that they deserve, it will be detrimental to the dog’s mental and physical wellbeing.
  4. Licence: once the agency decides that you are qualified for adopting the dog, you will need to apply for a license so that the ownership of the dog can be transferred to you. You can apply for the license via this portal here via your SingPass account. Note that your dog needs to be microchipped and must be sterilized before the adoption can be approved.

Wrapping things up

Adopting a dog in Singapore is not a difficult process. However, such procedures are needed to ensure that each dog receive the proper care and love that it truly deserves.