Pro Tips to Take Good Pictures of Your Pet

As a pet owner, there is one thing that you absolutely cannot deny: your pet is the cutest thing ever. And obviously, you want to show them off through pictures as much as possible.

However, the problem is that they never stay still long enough for you to take a picture. They fuss, move, and at the end of the session, your camera roll is full of 90% blurry pictures of your pet, and the 10% are in awkward poses. With that in mind, here are some tips that will allow you to take a good picture.

  1. Choose a Good Environment

For a picture to be successful, you need to choose an environment where they are comfortable. If they aren’t comfortable with the place, they will fuss and move around – and their stress levels will show in the picture as well. For the photos to capture their spirit, then you will have to choose a place that your pets love.

  1. Time Them Properly

For a picture to look great, you need to time it well. For example, if you plan on taking an action picture of your dog, then you must do this before you take them on their daily run. At that point, they will have a lot of energy. However, if you want to take a serene picture with them, do it after they had their “workout.” They’ll be too tired to move around at that point. 

  1. Go Down to Their Level

When you stop to the level of your pet, it will be much easier for you to take a good picture. If you go from above, the picture can look distant and may lose its perspective. If you go down on their level, it will look like it’s from their perspective rather than the viewer, making the picture all the more beautiful. Plus, when you take the picture from their level, they’ll be more likely to look at you, and won’t be avoiding the camera as much.

  1. Familiarise Your Pets with the Camera

Many cats and dogs get anxious when they first hear the shot of the camera, see the flash – or simply see you coming at them with the weird rectangular thing (your phone) in your hands. Before you start taking the pictures, take a few “test shots” to get your pet accustomed to it. If they’re dogs, they’ll probably become more interested – and if they’re cats, they’ll likely lose interest, allowing you to take the picture. Regardless, it’s a win-win.

  1. Use Lighting in Your Favour

There’s no better tip than to make use of lighting when taking pictures of your pets. No matter if you are going for an indoor or an outdoor picture, make sure to do so in a well-lit place. This way, not only will you not scare them with the flash, but you will also get a nice picture with the light shining on their fur.

The Bottom Line

In the end, when taking pictures of your pet, you have to be patient. There will likely be times when your pet will simply refuse to stay put, and you’ll be running around with the camera at them continuously. Follow the tips above, and you’ll eventually be able the snap the perfect shot.