What to think about when adopting a dog in Hong Kong

Considering getting a pet for your home in Hong Kong? It is difficult to resist having ‘man’s best friend’ as a pet! Many people think that a dog make the perfect pet, but what are the difference getting your canine friend from an adoption shelter?

Why adopt a dog and not buying from a pet supplier?

Hong Kong has a number of large non-profit animal shelters, including HKDR and SPCA, each having a large selection of dogs available to adopt. But what are exactly the advantages adopting, rather than to buy from pet shop or professional breeder?

  • Making a difference: Many of the dogs haven’t had the greatest start in life and are actively seeking kind owners to transform their lives for the better.
  • Healthy dogs: All dogs have been given proper vaccinations and been physically examined.
  • Friendly, fun pets: Shelter dogs make great pets and will bring warmth and fun into your home.

Before Adopting a Dog: What to Think About

At first, you will need to assess your home and lifestyle to ensure that you are ready for the responsibility of owning a dog. Consider carefully that you will have sufficient time to dedicate to your new four legged friend. Dogs not only require a good home, but plenty of exercise and fresh air; not to mention attention! 

The Process for Adopting a Dog

When you’re ready to adopt, you should visit shelters websites and look at the selection available. Depending on your preference, you can also visit the dogs them at the shelter centres directly. When you spot a dog that is ideal for you,  then let the shelter know and they will guide you through the steps.