Covid happened and suddenly 2/3 of us was out of a job. We decided to use this opportunity to combine our passion with our profession and Your Pet Posters saw the light of day.

We founded our design studio (Papel Ltd) here in Hong Kong and started to get to work. Combining our skills (design, online marketing and printing) we set out to do something on our own. Something that could have an impact. Today we're spread across Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Our main focus is Asia Pacific but we ship worldwide. Send us your feedback at support@yourpetposters.com

Our Impact:

Papel is founded around creating something truly unique while giving back. That's why we're giving 10% of our profits to causes that are close to our heart. It might not be much but at least it's something. Read more about our causes here.

Why Pets?

Well, it's quite simple - we love animals and we wanted to combine business with pleasure.

Thank you for your support!

/Team Papel